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Before you do anything else:

  1. Make a directory at the same level as the Panda samples
  2. Make a short-cut to the panda and/or your own samples.
  3. Download and install a suitable editor:

Get used to it right away, Command Prompt, also called DOS-Window a few years back, is your best friend from now on! Yessss, back to the good old days 🙂

Your working directory

Make a directory like this, I called mine “grandpa” (what else 🙂 )
grandpa directory

Shortcut Prompt Window

The next tip is a real time-saver: Make a Prompt Window short-cut to your working directory.

Goto (for W7 64 bits): All-Programs–>Accessories–>Command-Prompt, right-click and select “Send-to”–>Desktop.

command prompt

and then finally:

Right-click the command-prompt short-cut and set it to start in your work directory. That was not too much, was it?

command prompt startup dir