To download and install just do (I’m using Windows 7 ):

  1. Download from:
  2. Install, just follow the instructions, don’t try to be smart in any way, use defaults.

You should test the install by running one of the examples. You will find the installed files in:

C:\Panda3D-1.7.0\  (or another version number of course)

You could test the “Asteroids” in (the usual double-click):

C:\Panda3d-1.7.0\samples\Asteroids\Run Asteroids

or the old fashion windows way via the program menu:

start–>all programs–>Sample Programs–>Asteroids–>Run Asteroids

Did you noticed I said “don’t try to be smart in any way”? Don’t try to download another (newer) version of for instance Python, it would not work. Use the version which is installed with Panda 3D. Everything works right out of the box, at least it did for me 🙂

When you are finished, you should have something like this:
panda install dir