Dahl Oakland

DahlOakland is/was doing all kinds of programming, device drivers, PostScript programming for document layout, operating systems, etc. using languages as C/C++, misc. Assembly languages, old languages like Fortran and COBOL and more.

A few years back this site (dahloakland) was my company site. The name “Dahl Oakland” is from my old family name, in Norwegian: Dahl Ekeberg. I also did 3D layout (using Lightwave) and used the models in misc. game engines. Like everyone else, I was getting older and today I am retired. This is the reason for making my new site, Grandpa┬┤s Corner.

Svein-Erik Dahl (a.k.a. Grandpa)

I don’t have beard any longer, but except from that, the picture is not that old.

First it was a pretty woman who loved beard, so what should I do? Then it was another one who absolutely NOT liked it. So, here we go again!

It’s a shame, we do almost anything for a pretty face, don’t we? I have to admit, I enjoy a good dinner with candles and a good red-vine.

Did you hear that? I can bring the red wine if you make the dinner!

I won’t give you a complete CV, I have been living too long and working too many years for that. After finishing the high school, I got myself two degrees, one in electronics and another one in process control.

I have been around, whaling in the Antarctic, sergeant in the Air Force, engineer in Saudi Arabia, programmer in Germany, Holland, France and some other countries.

Hobbies are chess, bridge and my PC, and of course: the good dinner with candles, red-vine and the special someone.

Please come on in and enter my little corner of the world

Greetings Grandpa