I have tested misc. gallery plugins, and the one that worked for me, was “Lazyest Gallery” from Brimsoft. For some reason the more popular NextGen Gallery plugin wouldn’t create Thumbnails. A third option could be to use the free Gallery from my host provider. That one has a lot more options, like album function, usergroups, etc. But, do I really need those?

It’s a few minor bugs in it, especially this one:

When you select (click) in a picture 1st time, you’ll get up a bigger version with the text “Previous”, “Slide Show” and “Next”. This time DO NOT CLICK ON THE PICTURE again. It’s very difficult to return to the menu. You’ll have to use the back-function in Firefox/Explorer.

Maybe I should change to another gallery plugin later on, after all, this is just a test.

You should select one of the submenus to continue.

Edit 2010.08.08
NextGen gallery is working. Not enough PHP memory was the reason for my problems. One.com increased the PHP memory to 32MB, and the plugin worked again.

-Grandpa –