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Month: February 2010

Tools 2 – hardware

When my grandchildren is visiting old grandpa, they claim that grandpa is living in a repair-shop! Take a look at the pictures and judge for yourself 🙂
Yes, the pictures below are from my living room!
My rig these days is a Asus Crosshair III motherboard, CoolerMaster 1000W, AMD 3.4 MHz Black Edition with water cooler, and yes, I build it myself.
grandpas pcgrandpas pc


directory list
Looking at the directory list of my C-disk to the left, you might see some of the tools I’m using: Irrlicht, MinGW, Panda, Python and PyPE (free editor), QT (now Nokia), Watcom and Xampp.

You don’t see the Program File though :-), with tools like CodeBlocks, MSVC, Corel, Adobe, Lightwave, Blender, etc. etc. …

I need to take a break now, I think. It should be all-set and go, but using the tools is one thing, writing about them is another big beast. I used to be a teacher in math and data (high school), so I know.

I’m not satisfied with the layout of my site, but as I’ve said before, I’m a programmer, not designer. The layout have to wait a bit.

Game Engines

I re-installed 3 game engines today:

Gizmo SDK
Panda 3D

A few years back I tested two of them, Gizmo SDK and Irrlicht, and found them to suit me very well. They are not a “Point-and-click” type, you have to know programming to use them. But I’m not a VisualBasic type of programmer, so for me, being a C/C++ guy, this was just perfect.

If you have been looking into game engines and programming, you surely know Irrlicht, but what the heck is “Gizmo SDK”???

I can tell you it is a highly professional development kit released to the public (again), free for personal use. You could say it is a spin-off from Saab Training System AB, in Sweden. It is living here:

The 3rd one, Panda 3D, scared me a bit in the beginning, I got the impression that it was more like a tool for hobbyists, more like the VisualBasic school of programming. After returning to it yesterday, I changed my mind. As they say in the manual:

To successfully use Panda3D, you must be a skilled programmer. If you do not know what an “API” is, or if you don’t know what a “tree” is, you will probably find Panda3D overwhelming. This is no point-and-click game-maker: this is a tool for professionals.

I changed my mind and installed it.

edit 2010.02.11 – grandpa
I’m also looking into delta3D, but need more time.


Command Prompt Window

command-prompt windowAre you like me, tired of looking for the command-prompt window? Just make a short-cut on your desktop.

Goto (for W7 64 bits): All-Programs–>Accessories–>Command-Prompt, right-click and select “Send-to”–>Desktop.

Command window is for old-timers? If you are using languages like Python, you will need it several times a day, just take a look at my section about Panda Game Engine and Python (yet to come, feb. 2010).


My first real post

Reorganized the menubar, added “Tips & Tricks” and added a page “XP Boot Sequence”. That’s some info I found around 2004, but as far as I can see, this site is no longer on the air.
See page: XP Boot Sequence

– grandpa – again

email from
they have problems adding/replacing new servers:

“ has up until now only used HP as the supplier of servers, but as of the summer 2009 we entered into an agreement with IBM regarding supply of blade servers. We have recently put a part of the new servers into service.

The server type has unfortunately caused problems for our service. For a large part of our customers this has meant periodical downtime for websites, as well as many customers for short periods have not been able to read mail without experiencing clearly notable delays.”

– grandpa –

Problem with

My host,, was down about 30 minutes today (site down for maintenance), in case somebody noticed.

– grandpa –

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