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placeholder for premiere

Embedded MSN test

Embedded MSN works, but it is a bit dangerous. You have to be logged in to your MSN account AND you have to allow ANYONE to send you a comment. Then you are asking for spam, right?

I tested it by logging in to MSN. Changed the permitions as explained above and stayed online. Then I accessed my site in Internet Explorer and went to the page “MSN test”. As a guest I could send myself any message, and I answered that message in my ordinary MSN window.

Not sure I will use it this way, as I said I’m asking for trouble.

– grandpa –


I must remember to restore the old permissions in MSN Messenger.

Testing video from Viddler

same old voyager video

My 1st video

Startrek Voyager.

This was my first video ever, and it worked, even on YouTube 🙂

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