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Speed up your WordPress site 5


As I said before: This is not the only one and maybe not the 100% correct type of test, it’s just something that worked for me. I have a small, personal webpage these days.

  • Optimize your database, be careful and use at your own risk, and do a backup first.
  • If you don’t need avatar in your comments, don’t use it.
  • If you want a photo gallery, think about using embedded from PicAsa or something like that, instead of using a plugin.
  • I am a great fan of Atahualpa theme, hundreds of options, but it seems that the complexity of this theme increase the responsetime a bit. That’s why I returned to the new WP 2010 default theme.

– grandpa –

Speed up your WordPress Site 4

Looking at the Page source code from the test, I found something interesting:

All those stylesheets! Did I really need those photo galleries? Nope, I decided to remove them, the album, directory, everything.

I run the test again, and got:

Gallery removed

Now I’m feeling lucky!

– Grandpa –

Speed up your WordPress Site 3

The result page will show you something like:


I don’t think I have to say anything, just click at the waterfall-picture and you’ll se:


Now you’ll find your critical parts on your WordPress site.

One more thing you could do (important):

Activate the default WordPress Theme and run the test again. Maybe you will be surprised!

– Grandpa –

Speed up your WordPress site 2

I’m not trying to tell you that this is the one and only way to check the responsetime on your site, but it is something that worked for me.

At the frontpage, select the figure “By the Numbers”, The “Visual Comparision” is not interesting at this time. The next page will show you  5 points to consider:

pagetest_server 1:Enter Test URL

2: Choose Test Location

3: Choose a Configuration

4: Test options

5: Submit Test


1: Test URL.


That’s your site, of course

2: Test location:


Important note: Try running this test from at least two different servers. I got different results, and the best one, of course, from the German server because I live in Norway and I “Think” my host,, is located in Germany or Denmark. Choose the one that is close to your host.

3: Select the browser type and connection

Forget the rest and “click” the “Submit”-button.Now, get yourself a cup of coffee, you’ll need one minute or two waiting for the result.

Speed up your WordPress site 1

I have during the last months been fighting to get a better response time on my site until I stumbled upon this one:


From the webside:

This tool lets you test web pages that are directly accessible as an URL from the Internet. If you need to test a page inside of a firewall or something more complicated than a web page (an authenticated product like webmail for example) please download the desktop version of PageTest which this is based on.

It was very interesting , and after performing the test a few times (from different servers), the response time went down from (worst case) 17 seconds to 4 seconds after a few mods to my WordPress installation. I am not trying to say that this solution is the one and only, or the best one. This is just something that worked for me.

I will return with more detailed info in a few days.

Upgrading my PC

I have done a heavy upgrading lately. The mother board was a MSI type with an AM2+ processor socket, so I started up with buying a new AMD processor, AMD X4 Phenom II 3.4 GHz. The old motherboard (with AMD 2+) should support the new AMD 3 processor, right? Unfortunately not the one I bought, needed too much power 🙁

I am a retired programmer, not a millionaire, but after another month I could afford a new motherboard, ASUS Crosshair III Formula, and Corsair XMS 3 (DDR3) 1333 MHz memory, and Corsair Water cooling kit (processor only). This time I got 7.4 and 7.5 in Windows Experience Index (processor and memory) 🙂

My old hard disk showed 5.9 on the same speed index so after another month I bit the bullet and bought a SuperTalent SSD disk, PowerColor Radeon HD 5870 graphics card and CoolerMaster 1000W PS. This time I got (from top to bottom) the score 7.4, 7.5, 7.8, 7.8 and 7.1 in Windows Experience Index. WOW 🙂

I was still not quite satisfied, and after fiddling around with BIOS and Registry setting, I managed to increase the hard disk index to 7.3. Now I am satisfied 🙂

windows experience index

windows experience index


My first real post

Reorganized the menubar, added “Tips & Tricks” and added a page “XP Boot Sequence”. That’s some info I found around 2004, but as far as I can see, this site is no longer on the air.
See page: XP Boot Sequence

– grandpa – again

email from
they have problems adding/replacing new servers:

“ has up until now only used HP as the supplier of servers, but as of the summer 2009 we entered into an agreement with IBM regarding supply of blade servers. We have recently put a part of the new servers into service.

The server type has unfortunately caused problems for our service. For a large part of our customers this has meant periodical downtime for websites, as well as many customers for short periods have not been able to read mail without experiencing clearly notable delays.”

– grandpa –

Problem with

My host,, was down about 30 minutes today (site down for maintenance), in case somebody noticed.

– grandpa –

Done with testing?

I was fiddleing with a few plugins like wp forum, dynamic header, etc. but do I really need any more plugins?
At this stage I should probably stop any more testing and say that this version is my “Release Candidate”.
I still have to decide which Gallery plugin to go for, but that can wait, can’t it?
Maybe I should try to import/rewrite some of my old pages.

– grandpa –

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